Emphysema Claims

Doctor looking at x-ray of lungs
Emphysema is a respiratory condition which causes shortness of breath and the condition gets progressively worse, and is incurable once contracted. Being diagnosed with the condition is distressing and can shorten life expectancy.

Suffering with emphysema can have dramatic impact on a person’s life and can make simple tasks, such as walking upstairs and getting dressed, become more difficult.

Typical symptoms of Emphysema include:

  • Breathlessness
  • Tiredness
  • Constant cough

Causes of Emphysema

Although prolonged smoking is one of the most common causes of an emphysema diagnosis, the working environment can also cause the development of emphysema respiratory disease and can be the result of employer’s negligence.

What causes Emphysema?

  • Prolonged exposure to dust
  • Exposure to fumes
  • Being in contact with hazardous substances

Emphysema can be contracted by working within these industries and being in contact with certain dusts and dangerous substances. Workers involved in the following industries are most at risk of contracting emphysema:

  • Coal miners
  • Dry cleaners
  • Engineers

If an employer has failed to provide you with protective equipment and you’ve been diagnosed with emphysema, contact one of our experienced solicitors at Mellor Hargreaves for friendly legal advice.

Claiming compensation for Emphysema

If you have contracted emphysema due to the negligence of your employer than you may be eligible to claim compensation for your troubles and losses. Your employer has a legal duty to keep you safe from occupational diseases at work and if they have acted negligently then you may be able to claim against them.

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Our team offer expert advice, guidance and support throughout your claim and will be able to offer further support where necessary.