Construction worker wearing hearing protective equipment

Industrial Deafness Claims

Industrial deafness is where an individual suffers hearing loss due to long-term exposure to noise in the workplace. It can normally be helped by hearing aids but deafness is generally irreversible.

Hearing loss can happen over many years and many people are in retirement before any major hearing problems arise. Which is why a great number of people put their hearing loss down to ageing, rather than damage done whilst they were working.

Symptoms of industrial deafness

  • Missing parts of conversations.
  • Not being able to hear conversations if there is background noise.
  • Having to turn the TV up louder than usual.
  • Family thinking they’re being ignored when talking.


Tinnitus is often caused by excessive noise and can cause damage to the ear drums, which gives an individual a buzzing in the ears. Sometimes, a buzzing is constant and can cause an individual to struggle sleeping. It can also cause depression and anxiety as well as affecting a person’s quality of life and enjoyment. There isn’t a cure for tinnitus but for severe cases, a medical expert may provide a ‘masking’ device.

Acoustic Shock

Acoustic shock is caused by high frequency sounds which are most commonly transmitted by a telephone headset. This can cause tinnitus and a wide range of psychological health issues. This type of compensation claim can be taken up against the employer’s insurance company.

Claiming compensation for industrial deafness

If you’re looking to claim compensation for industrial deafness, ensure:

  • You have a report from a medical expert that you are suffering with tinnitus or industrial deafness.
  • You can show that the condition is caused by exposure to a certain noise. For example, you could have a witness to support your employment.
  • You can show that your employer could have avoided your exposure to the noise.

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