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Cycling Accident Claims

Many people enjoy the benefits of cycling; travelling to work, exercise and the simple pleasure of taking in the outdoors to name but a few.

Cyclists are the most vulnerable on the road as they have very little protection if they are involved in a road traffic accident.

Around 4% of the UK’s population cycle to work every day to avoid fuel costs, transport costs and congestion. Moreover, many enjoy a leisurely bike ride on a weekend to relax or exercise.

Being involved in an accident whilst on your bike, can be extremely dangerous and can sometimes be fatal. If you have been involved in an accident seek medical help as soon as possible as the medical reports could also help with any compensation claim.

Can I claim compensation for my cycling accident?

If you have suffered a road accident whilst cycling and it wasn’t your fault you may be eligible for compensation. We understand how devastating a serious collision can be, which is why we are here to help.

If you have been involved in a Cycling Accident you may be entitled to claim compensation if:

  • The road was in poor condition (potholes)
  • Injury was caused by equipment failure (either protective helmet or bike)
  • Another road user was at fault.

Claiming compensation after a cycling accident

Mellor Hargreaves Solicitors will provide high quality information and advice as well as invaluable guidance throughout your cycling accident claim. Our solicitors have vast experience in making claims for compensation for the injuries suffered, but also for loss of earnings, travelling expenses, help with rehabilitation and even replacement or repairs to the cycle and helmet.

Contact Mellor Hargreaves on 0800 811 844 for more information and how we can help you throughout your compensation claim.

The Mellor Hargreaves team will discuss the details of the incident with you and ensure that all the relevant evidence and information is collated and that you are kept informed step by step as we work on your behalf to make certain that you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

We’ll also help you to access the right rehabilitation and specialist medical care that you may need, advice on any benefits or services that you may be entitle to, and we’ll help with all of the paperwork too.

If you’ve had a cycling accident, don’t hesitate to contact the team here at Mellor Hargreaves, and we’ll give you the best advice on taking your claim forward.