Road Traffic Accidents

Road Traffic Accident Claims

Whiplash or injured in a Car Accident? We’ll handle everything so you can concentrate on recovering.

Every day people are injured in road traffic accidents. They can be drivers of cars, motor or pedal cyclists or pedestrians. Often the effects of these accidents can be far-reaching. But all you should have to focus on is your physical and emotional recovery.

Accidents on the road occur far too often and there is a wide range of injuries that can be sustained, some of which are life threatening, regardless of whether you were the driver, a cyclist or pedestrian involved in the incident.

With Mellor Hargreaves, you won’t have to worry about anything else. We’ll take away the stress and financial concerns, and sort your claim out for you. We know exactly what you can claim for and how to go about getting the maximum compensation from your road traffic injury.

Aside from compensation for physical injuries, you may need to claim for loss of earnings if you’re unable to work. And, of course you may need to claim for the damage to your vehicle, a replacement vehicle whilst your vehicle is being repaired and any other out of pocket expenses.

Can I claim compensation after a road traffic accident?

Mellor Hargreaves have amassed years of experience successfully claiming compensation for clients who have suffered from a road traffic accident which wasn’t their fault. We are committed to helping you receive what is rightfully yours.

You may be eligible to claim for compensation if you are:

  • The driver or a passenger of a vehicle involved an accident
  • A motorcyclist involved in a collision or other incident
  • A pedal cyclist involved in a collision or other incident
  • A pedestrian involved in a road traffic accident

If you were the driver of the vehicle, our specialist solicitors can help to prove that the accident wasn’t your fault, so that the other driver involved admits liability and you can make a claim.

Whichever vehicle you were in, if you were the passenger, you’re entitled to make a claim for substantial compensation from the driver responsible for the road traffic accident.
If you were a pedestrian who has been hit by a car or other vehicle, you’re more likely to have serious injuries, such as fractures.

If you believe you have a valid claim for compensation after suffering injuries or a loss of earning as a result of a road traffic accident, contact Mellow Hargreaves today on 0800 811 844 and begin your claim.

If you think that you have a road accident claim for injuries and loss of earnings contact the team at Mellor Hargreaves who will take care of everything to secure the best possible outcome.