Horse Riding Accident Claims

Horse riding is an extremely dangerous sport and accidents often occur when riding or working with horses

With over a quarter of riders under 16 years and with limited safe ‘off road’ rides, horse riding can sometimes be a risky hobby and accidents do happen.

We understand that what may seem to be a minor horse riding accident can actually have serious repercussions in terms of injury, inability to work and requirements for major rehabilitation. Accidents can occur whether you’re just learning to horse ride, leisurely experiencing the countryside or competing in one of the many horse riding events for the more serious rider.

Of course, sometimes these accidents are literally that, an accident. But, on other occasions, some may be due to someone’s negligence, and that’s where the team at Mellor Hargreaves come in.

If you have suffered an accident or injury whilst riding a horse or working with horses and believe it was caused as a result of the carelessness of another person, you may be eligible for compensation.

Can I claim for my horse riding accident?

An accident involving a horse can lead to severe injuries and can be a traumatic and trying period for the person involved. Accidents we can help with include:

  • Road traffic accidents – If a road user has caused an accident involving you and your horse as a result of their lack of concentration or awareness, then you could be eligible to claim compensation.
  • Accidents at work – If you work with horses, then your employer has a legal duty to ensure you’re working in safe conditions. If you work in a riding school, a stable, trekking centres or competition centres and you’ve sustained an injury or been involved in an accident, you could claim compensation.
  • Accidents at competitions – Event organisers have a legal duty to protect those who are attending horse competitions. If you were injured or involved in an accident at an event then you could claim compensation

Claiming compensation after a horse riding accident

If you’re eligible to claim compensation, your reward will cover the costs for any pain and suffering, loss of earnings and any medical expenses you may have incurred. Mellor Hargreaves solicitors boast a wealth of experience and knowledge and offers ongoing support and guidance throughout the entire claiming process.

The team at Mellor Hargreaves has experts in this field and can help you, one of your family members, or anybody else you know if you’ve had a horse riding accident or have been injured whilst working with horses.

If you would like to speak to one of our specialist solicitors for more information, contact us on 0800 811 844.

We’ll work hard to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve following any incident involving horse riding including any medical and rehabilitation treatment. Plus, we’ll take into account any loss of earnings or other expense that has been incurred due to your accident that you may be able to claim for.

If you have suffered a horse riding injury, or suffered an accident when working with horses, our expert team is ready and waiting to help. Be assured, we’ll help you through your accident claim every step of the way.