Woman looking for answers over brother’s asbestos exposure

A heartbroken sister is looking for answers into how her brother was exposed to asbestos after his struggle with the asbestos-related lung disease caused him to attempt suicide.

Retired hotel chef Norman Grimshaw 65, was diagnosed with Pleural Plaques thickening of the lining of the lungs and Asbestosis in March 2013.

Following his suicide attempt Mr Grimshaw called for an ambulance but died eight days later in September 2013. An investigation into his death found he died from respiratory failure caused by his lungs being damaged by asbestos exposure.

Mr Grimshaw worked as a wood machinist at Oldham George Hill timber merchants from 1964 to 1970 before moving to Newquay, Cornwall where he worked as a kitchen fitter, kitchen porter and later as a hotel chef.

His sister Susan Shaw from Hollins, Oldham said: “I am angry because if the risks were known, he should have been better protected and could have had many more years with us. It’s such a waste of life.”

Ms Shaw added that Mr Grimshaw had told her that the workers at George Hill would often create and throw snowballs made from the dust leaving his clothes covered in dust.

Ms Shaw and her solicitors are currently investigating where Mr Grimshaw was exposed to the asbestos.

Legal representative Ms Shaw said: “Many employers were aware of the potential dangers, but chose to ignore them. Some 30 or 40 years later, their former employees are now paying for those mistakes with their lives.

“The last few months of Norman’s life would have been painful and desperately sad for a man who loved being out and about and surrounded by his friends.”

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