Horse owner’s life left in ruins after funeral procession collision

The owner of a horse drawn carriage service fears his life and his business have been left in ruins after his horse was killed in a funeral procession collision.

Mark Evans, from Llangadog, Carmarthenshire said the loss of the horse has resulted in long-lasting effects on his health and his business.

His horse Wil died in February last year when a car crashed into a funeral procession on its way to Coychurch Crematorium in Bridgend.

Mr Evans, 59, said the tragedy has resulted in the loss of work and income and he may be forced to give up his home following the incident.

He said: “It turned life upside down for us and taken away our way of life. We lived around our work.

“We had made our financial arrangements around the fact I would be working until I was at retirement age.

“We originally had four horses. One died of natural causes and were having difficulty replacing it because you can’t just go to the shop and get one.

“Horses have to be spot on for this kind of work.

“The horses we have can cope with 21st Century roads; it is 21st Century drivers that cannot.”

Mr Evans, who was thrown from the carriage by the impact, added, “If I was twenty years younger I might have carried on and it would be a different situation, but when you are not working people take your business.

“I had spent years building it up.”

The incident was investigation by South Wales Police, who concluded that no one was at fault for the incident.

Mr Evans however is far from happy with the way South Wales Police conducted the investigation and has sent a formal complaint to the police professional standards department.

A spokesperson for South Wales Police said: “South Wales Police has received a complaint about this incident.

“Further information has only recently been provided by the complainant which will allow the matter to be investigated.”

Following Wil’s death, The British Horse Society launched a road safety campaign called Dead Slow, which it is hoped will encourage drivers in the correct and safest way to pass horses on the road in order to avoid horse accidents.

“We have certainly found solace in the fact he did not die in vain,” said Mr Evans.

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