£90,000 compensation for victim of ‘beauty parlour stroke syndrome’

A dad-of-two has been awarded £90,000 compensation after a visit to the hairdressers resulted in a stroke.

Dave Tyler, 45, was having his hair washed at a sink in his usual hairdressers, Headmasters salon in Brighton, in 2011, when pressure from the rim of the sink damaged an artery at the back of his neck which led to a blood clot.

Mr Tyler, from Hove, East Sussex, lost the feeling in the right side of his body three days later and collapsed on his way to a meeting.

After being rushed to his local accident and emergency department he was told he had suffered a stroke.

Five years later, Mr Tyler still suffers from continued pain, balance problems and temperature flare-ups on the left side of his body.

Dubbed ‘beauty parlour stroke syndrome’ within the hairdressing industry, Mr Tyler is raising awareness of the issue, the risk of which can be reduced by using padded cushions on sinks.

Mr Tyler had been regularly visiting the Headmasters salon for over a year and each time they had used the same kind of towel.

He said: “I remembered a thin layered towel was put under my neck.”

“The girl who was washing my hair asked if I was comfortable, but as anybody who has had their hair washed at a salon knows, it’s never a comfortable position.”

Doctors believe that the sound engineer had suffered a blood clot after his vertebral artery was damaged whilst he was having his hair washed.

Mr Tyler remembers the right side of his body starting to go numb, losing his vision and being unable to walk.

He was rushed to A&E, where he was told he had suffered a stroke and informed of the phenomenon of beauty parlour stroke syndrome.

Mr Tyler spent the next three months in hospital and a further six months recuperating at home before he was well enough to return to work.

He can’t drive anymore and also suffers with nystagmus, a condition which causes double vision through constant involuntary movement of the eyes.

Mr Tyler made a compensation claim against Headmasters, which resulted in the out of court settlement earlier this year.

He now wants to raise awareness of beauty parlour stroke syndrome.

In March of this year American doctors warned that hairdressers’ sinks can cause strokes after a Californian woman suffered a massive stroke following a visit to her local salon in 2013.

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