Vibration White Finger: Claim What’s Owed

Mellor Hargreaves are thrilled to launch our new campaign to alert coal miners who have previously made a successful claim through the Vibration White Finger Compensation Scheme set up by the Department of Trade and Industry that they could still be owed thousands more.

The campaign, ‘Vibration White Finger: Claim What’s Owed’, has been launched as the time left to claim the additional compensation is running out for thousands of coal miners.

Former miners and their families could be entitled to the extra compensation of up to £25,000, after being left out of pocket because their claims had not been properly handled in the past.

Sasha Whitley, head of professional negligence at Mellor Hargreaves says a great many ex-miners have been under-compensated for the impact on their daily lives and the ‘services’ they could no longer provide for their families, such as DIY, gardening, car-washing and window-cleaning, as well as loss of earnings.

“The individual claims will range from a few thousand pounds up to £25,000 for younger ex-miners, who would receive the yearly payment for longer.”

In 2013 Mellor Hargreaves successfully recovered additional compensation for ex coal miner Ronald Barnaby, who had previously been represented by Raleys Solicitors and was awarded compensation in 2003 for vibration white finger.

The new claim for additional compensation was made after it emerged that Raleys had been negligent in their advice and had failed to establish the full nature of Mr Barnaby’s claim by failing to advise him that he could also claim for either loss of earnings or for ‘services’ – the help needed with domestic tasks as a result of his injury.

His honour Judge Gosnell, found that if proper advice and information had been given to Mr Barnaby it is highly likely that he would have made a claim for ‘services’.

It is understood that somewhere in the region of 63% of all the coal miners represented by Raleys were eligible to claim additional compensation, but only 20% of the claims were put forward by them.

After Mr Barnaby’s case at Leeds County Court, Raleys decided to appeal against the decision to award him the additional compensation, however the Court of Appeal ruled in his favour and the original judgement stands.

The decision in favour of Mr Barnaby has opened the door to thousands of coal miners to claim the additional compensation and Mellor Hargreaves have gone on to represent many other ex-coal miners who have also been under-compensated after receiving bad advice from Raleys.

Mellor Hargreaves are urging coal miners and their families to take immediate action and Claim What’s Owed, as many of the miners affected are now very old and many will have sadly died.

We hope that every miner or the family of a miner with a legitimate claim will now be properly compensated.

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