51 more serious maternity incidents at scandal hit Shrewsbury NHS Trust

Under fire Shewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust has reported 51 “serious incidents” in its maternity care according to the Mirror.

The scandal-hit NHS trust is currently being investigated over the deaths of 15 babies and 3 mums.

The new information was uncovered under a freedom of information (FOI) request and shows the trust recorded 51 “serious incidents” involving their maternity services since 2012.

According to the information supplied, there were 23 serious incidents in 2012/13 and 14 in 2013/14.

But in those two years the national guidance on reporting serious incidents was “different” and admissions to neonatal intensive care, for example, were included in the total, according to the trust.

However the trust did admit that it was to blame for all 11 of the subsequent serious incidents recorded in 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17 “when an act or omission by the trust has contributed to the incident”.

Shewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust chief executive Simon Wright recently said that the trust’s maternity service “provides safe care for women and babies.”

In a statement last week, Mr Wright said: “The death of a baby is the most tragic event imaginable and we again apologise unreservedly to the families involved.

“The trust has carried out investigations into every case to ensure that lessons can be learned and apologise where feedback has been less than a family may wish.”

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt ordered the investigation into Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust after a number of babies died in their care and at least seven of them were judged to have been avoidable if the newborns had received better care.

Five of the deaths involved apparent failures by maternity staff to correctly monitor the baby’s heartbeat.

Mr Hunt made the move after bereaved families and the local coroner criticised the quality and safety of maternity care at the trust.

He has asked NHS England and NHS Improvement to look into an undisclosed number of deaths at the trust in recent years, amid concerns that some were not properly investigated at the time.

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