Solicitor Negligence

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Our solicitors have amassed a wealth of experience to cater for those who require legal advice for difficult situations such as selling a house or creating a will. In the majority of cases, a solicitor will offer great legal advice.

However, if you receive a poor quality of service, such as a solicitor missing important deadlines, giving bad advice or costly errors, you can begin a professional negligence claim against the solicitor in question.

If the negligence of a solicitor has caused a person to suffer financial loss, our team of professionals can help you make your claim to regain the money you have lost.

How can it go wrong using a solicitor?

Most solicitors will provide high quality legal advice when you are faced with a legal issue. If things go wrong, it can cause many problems which are both untimely and costly.

Here are a few common instances where a solicitor has acted negligently and a person can make a claim:

Under-Settling a claim  When a solicitor represents a client during any claim, they have a duty to ensure the correct advice is given and a likely value of their claim is provided. If a solicitor makes a mistake during negotiations or accepts an amount that is lower than what you were told you could receive, you have the legal right to make a claim against them.

Missing important deadlines A limitation date is common in law. It is a period of time after an incident or a diagnosis by which you must have begun legal proceedings. If a solicitor has missed the limitation date, your case may be thrown out of court.

Suing an incorrect party  Suing the wrong party doesn’t sound like an easy mistake to make, yet it can happen if companies have been taken over by a new contractor or if a business has a similar name and details. If a solicitor makes this mistake then you are able to make a claim against them.

Errors in will or contract drafts  If a will or contract has been drawn up incorrectly, you are able to make a claim against the solicitor for this error. Such mistakes may go years unnoticed but can have huge financial implications.

How to make a claim for Solicitor negligence

If you feel as though you have been subjected to professional negligence at the hands of a solicitor, get in touch with our specialist team on 0800 811 844.

We will provide you with compassionate advice and the highest standards of information and service.