Financial Adviser Negligence

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Professional financial advisers can help plan for the future and advise you how to invest your money properly, removing the confusion and tedious process of choosing from the different available financial products. However, sometimes financial advisers have provided poor advice, unsuitable products resulting in unnecessary losses.

Financial advisers have a responsibility to use their considerable skills and care to build a relationship of trust and confidence with their clients. Neglecting their duty of care and causing financial loss could leave a financial adviser liable to pay compensation.

What is Financial Adviser negligence?

You will not be entitled to claim compensation against your financial adviser if your investment failed to make as much money as you had hoped. However, if you have experienced financial loss as a result of inadequate advice provided by your financial adviser, you could be entitled to compensation.

You may have a claim for negligence against your adviser if you have been involved in the following situations:

  • You have been recommended unsuitable products
  • Your financial circumstances have not been properly checked
  • If your financial adviser has acted against your interests
  • Risks of investment was not properly explained to you
  • Failing to warn risks involved with investments
  • Failure to establish if you can afford an investment

How to claim for Financial Adviser negligence

If you have experienced financial loss as a result of financial negligence, you could be entitled to claim financial adviser negligence compensation.

At Mellor Hargreaves our professional negligence solicitors have years of experience providing clients with expert advice and representation.

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