Barrister Negligence

Gavel in courthouse
Professional Barristers are required by the law to conduct a case with proper care and skill; you rely on barristers to fairly represent you when your liberty, property or rights are at stake.

Suffering financial loss as a result of negligence of a barrister can leave a person feeling let down and lose confidence in professionals.

If you’ve experienced significant financial loss as a result of barrister’s neglect, you are entitled to claim compensation.

Have you been affected by Barrister negligence?

There are many ways a person can be affected by Barrister Negligence, include the following:

  • Offering poor advice on the law
  • Giving bad advice on whether a case has good or bad merits
  • Negligently advising on the value of the case
  • Giving poor representation of you in a trial
  • Failure in preparing your case
  • Causing delays or not adhering to limitation dates
  • Negligently advising on business rights or property interests
  • Offering bad advice on the evidence of your case

Starting legal action against a barrister can be complicated as they get information from defense solicitors and vice versa, meaning your barrister may have an arguable defence due to a possible change in circumstances.

Our team of expert solicitors has the experience to properly assess whether or not barrister negligence has taken place, and we will tell you upfront if you have a case to claim.

How to claim for Barrister negligence

If you feel you have experienced negligence from your barrister our team of expert solicitors will work with you to provide a straight forward and experienced advice throughout your claim.

If you are interested in pursuing legal action against your barrister or wish to receive more information about starting a barrister negligence claim, contact Mellor Hargreaves on 0800 811 844.