Architect Negligence

Building plans
Architects are highly skilled construction professionals, hired to provide alteration or designs of buildings. They are typically hired to help people with ‘self-build’ projects and relied on to prepare drawings as well as to manage and supervise building projects.

However, sometimes a building project does not go to plan, and this may be a result of the negligence of the architect, resulting in financial loss to rectify mistakes and projects to become delayed.

Have you been affected by Architect negligence?

Errors caused by a negligent architect can cause delays and enormous financial loss to an individual, especially if the architect has failed to obtain the appropriate planning permission, resulting in the local council requesting the demolition of the building.

If an architect has drawn up poor designs, it can cost further financial loss repairing damages, such as damp problems due to lack of ventilation in the property.

Our solicitors have dealt with several cases of architect negligence involving commercial or residential properties, further examples of negligence includes:

  • Failure to obtain correct planning permission
  • Failure to draw up plans correctly
  • Failure to oversee the project
  • Poor designs or plans
  • Using unsuitable materials
  • Health and safety breaches
  • Mismanagement of project costs
  • Failure to adhere to building regulations

How to claim for Architect negligence

If you have experienced financial loss or delays in building projects as a result of a negligent architect, you are entitled to claim compensation. Our team of highly qualified professional negligence solicitors are here to provide advice, information and guidance throughout the process of your legal action claim.

If you looking to claim compensation against the negligent architect, you can contact Mellor Hargreaves solicitors on 0800 811 844.