Accountants Negligence Claims

Businessman signing papersAccountants are given enormous trust by large and small businesses and individuals to provide expertise and financial advice to protect assets, improve profits and reduce costs.

Accountants cover many areas of business and finance, common areas covered by accountants include:

  • Audits
  • Tax Advice
  • Business planning
  • Payroll
  • Bookkeeping

It is expected that accountants uphold a level of skills and professionalism when dealing with businesses’ assets.

If your accountant falls short of their responsibility you could be left dealing with devastating financial losses.

Have you been affected by Accountant negligence?

If you have suffered financial loss as a result of your accountants’ breach of duty care, you could be entitled to claim compensation. Our solicitors have experience in dealing with many cases of accountancy negligence, including:

  • Inaccurate assessments of company assets
  • Missing important deadlines (e.g. annual return)
  • Failure to detect fraudulent activity
  • Providing incorrect tax advice
  • Incorrectly preparing documents
  • Failure to identify fraud

How to make an Accountant negligence claim

If you have suffered financial loss as a result of bad advice from an accountant, you could be entitled to claim compensation against them. If you are able to provide evidence that an accountant’s poor service and advice has caused your business financial loss, you may have a valid claim.

Our team of qualified professional solicitors are highly experienced in handling accountant negligence cases, and are able to help clients get the compensation they deserve.

To start your claim you can call our solicitors on 0800 811 844 or alternatively you can request a call back and one of our solicitors will contact you.