Negligence ClaimsFile titled negligence

If you have suffered as a result of the negligence of a service, then you may be eligible for compensation. Mellor Hargreaves has proven experience and an excellent reputation claiming compensation for clients who have not been properly taken care of.

Most services provided by professionals and medical and dental personnel are excellent and honest but there are instances of negligence that can cause problems for you and your family.

Just some of the common cases of negligence which Mellor Hargreaves would be delighted to claim you compensation for include surgical errors, misdiagnosis, poor or wrong advice from a law professional and more.

Whether you have suffered at the hands of medical, dental or any other professional, you must be rewarded for any incompetence which has lead to injury, financial loss and emotional distress.

Claim for Negligence with Mellor Hargreaves

Mellor Hargreaves adopts an attentive and understanding approach to all injuries and distress caused by negligence. We will carefully examine your case, determine whether you have a valid claim and consult you honestly at the earliest opportunity.

Negligence cases can be complex, sensitive and crucial to you and Mellor Hargreaves’ expert solicitors are committed to providing the invaluable support and sound advice needed to get you through your case and obtain what is rightfully yours.