Delayed Diagnosis Claims

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When we are ill we rely on medical professionals to provide us with the right prognosis so they are able to deliver the appropriate care. There has been an increase in delayed diagnosis due to the high demand of GPs and A&E services, and these delays are often caused by long waiting times.

These delays can cause catastrophic effects on those who need immediate help and could affect their full recovery or cause permanent damage.

Can delayed diagnosis be medical negligence?

Medical professionals are expected to carry out the appropriate investigations in order to correctly diagnose us. Inadequate investigations can delay diagnosis and cause a patient further injury or permanent damage.

Typical cases of delayed diagnosis include:

  • Delay in detecting cardiac arrest symptoms
  • Delay in cancer diagnosis
  • Misinterpreted scans and X-rays
  • Cauda Equina Syndrome

A GP’s failure to notice symptoms of underlying medical problems can delay the patient receiving correct treatment. We’ve seen many delayed diagnosis claims due to the waiting time of A&E departments who are often under extreme pressure and time scales.

Claiming compensation for delayed diagnosis

When investigating delayed diagnosis claims, we also look into the overall injury the delay has caused the patient:

  • The harm caused by the delayed diagnosis
  • Prolonged suffering or the need for corrective procedures
  • The impact on the life of the patient

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