Birth Injury Claims

Pregnant woman holding bump
The birth of a child is meant to be one of the best days of a parent’s life; unfortunately sometimes things can go wrong and there can be devastating consequences for the family.

Our team of medical negligence solicitors understand the legal and medical issues involved in pursing birth injury claims and are able to offer support throughout this difficult period. Whether your injury occurred at an NHS hospital or a private clinic, we are able to help you claim medical negligence compensation.

What is a birth injury?

A birth injury can affect both the mother and the baby during labour. There are many ways medical negligence can affect a baby and a mother during pregnancy.

Common types of birth injuries:

  • Cerebral Palsy – A neurological condition that affects muscle co-ordination, meaning children require constant care throughout their lives, and it is caused by an infection during pregnancy or complications during a premature birth.
  • Wrongful Birth – When medical staff fails to inform pregnant women of genetic abnormality their babies could face difficulties during their life, such as deformities or learning difficulties.
  • Pre-Eclampsia – A condition that affects pregnant women during their second half of pregnancy, or soon after a baby is born. If the condition is unmonitored it can lead to further complications to both mother and baby.

How to claim compensation for a birth injury?

If you feel you have been subjected to medical negligence or you have been injured during labour, you could be entitled to claim compensation against medical professionals.

The medical negligence team at Mellor Hargreaves are experienced in handling birth injury cases. We understand the difficulties birthing injures can have on a family’s life and our solicitors proudly offer high quality service and support throughout your claim.

If you would like to speak to one of our medical negligence solicitors, you can contact us Mellor Hargreaves 0800 811 844.