Accident & Emergency ClaimsA&E staff rushing patient

We rely on the accident and emergency department providing life-saving services and when things go wrong, it can have devastating consequences. On the rare occasions you need to visit A&E you expect to receive a high standard of care from the doctors and nurses.

The A&E department is one of the busiest departments at hospitals, dealing with urgent cases that range from illness to injury. Thus, medical professionals need to correctly treat and diagnosis patients.

If you feel you have experienced medical negligence in the A&E department our solicitors are able to provide you with support and legal advice throughout your compensation claim.

What is accident & emergency negligence?

Accident and emergency negligence occurs when a patient has not received the appropriate care during their admission in accident & emergency. Common mistakes that can occur in the A&E department are:

  • Delayed treatment – If a patient has been admitted into A&E they require a quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment for the best chance of recovery. A delay in treatment or diagnosis could cause the condition of the patient to worsen.
  • Inexperienced staff – Practical training is important for every medical professional. However, this doesn’t always benefit patients. Junior medical staff requires careful monitoring to ensure they meet the standard of care required.
  • Misreading results of investigations or tests – The results of medical professionals misreading results from investigations can cause a patient to receive inadequate or incorrect treatment.

Claiming compensation for accident & emergency negligence

If you have been affected by a low standard of care in the accident and emergency department, you could be entitled to claim compensation against the A&E department. Mellor Hargreaves medical negligence specialists are experienced in all manners of accident and emergency negligence cases.

If you would like to speak to one of our medical negligence solicitors, you can contact us on 0800 811 844 or alternatively you can request a call-back from our team.