Accidents at Sea Claims

Close up of the ocean
If you have worked or travelled on board a boat or a ship and have suffered from illness or injury, then you may be able to claim compensation.

What are accident at sea claims?

If you have suffered an injury whilst at sea caused by a defect of the ship or because of a collision or capsize then you will be eligible to claim for compensation. Claiming for an accident at sea also applies to instances of illness caused by food poisoning whilst on holiday.

We have amassed a wealth of experience handling compensation claims for accidents at sea. Our team of expert solicitors can help you throughout your claim for compensation. From the first phone call, our team will establish whether you have grounds for a claim and will offer unconditional support and guidance throughout your case. We may ask you a few simple questions to gain insight into the accident to ensure you can definitely claim compensation.

What can help my claim?

  • Reporting the accident to a member of staff
  • Get a copy of the accident report
  • Take photographs of the incident location and cause of the incident
  • Take names and details of any witnesses around at the time of the accident

Claiming compensation for an accident at sea

There are strict time limits when making personal injury claims so please ensure you get legal advice within three years of when the injury or illness occurred.

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