Private Dental Negligence Claims

Dentist checking woman's teeth
If you have suffered an injury that could have been avoided at the hands of a private dentist then you may be eligible to claim compensation for your losses. Private dentists have a duty to care for their patients and we know how distressing it can be if you’ve suffered pain or distress due to dental negligence.

What is private dental negligence?

Mellor Hargreaves has represented numerous clients who have suffered as a result of private dental negligence, including:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Using the wrong tools on a patient
  • Using anaesthesia incorrectly
  • Extracting an incorrect tooth
  • Nerve damage
  • Delays in treatment
  • Poor or incorrect aftercare

If you feel your dentist caused damage by misusing anaesthesia, you can claim compensation. A dentist may have also misdiagnosed major illnesses such as oral cancer due to not being thorough enough in their examinations or incorrectly treating or failing to treat the signs.

Claiming compensation for private dental negligence

It is important for your case that you register your private dental negligence claim as soon as you can, as a claim is invalid if it’s three years after the incident.

Our team of expert solicitors will guide you through the compensation process and will let you know if you have a valid claim or not. Call our specialist team on 0800 811 844 for more information.

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