Cosmetic Dental Negligence Claims

Dentist checking woman's teeth
Cosmetic dentistry is becoming increasingly popular with many people wanting a “perfect Hollywood smile”, so cosmetic dental surgery has become a sought after procedure. The vast majority of people are choosing to have braces or veneers added to their teeth to gain their desired look.

However, sometimes patients are left dealing with devastating results from poorly preformed procedures.

What is cosmetic dental negligence?

Cosmetic dental negligence occurs when a patient is left with unwanted results, and has been left requiring further treatments to repair a dentistry error. There are several cases of cosmetic dental negligence such as:

  • Crowns – A crown can protect real teeth and restore broken teeth. It mimics the original tooth and is fitted over it. Patients who have received poorly fitted crowns have been left with damage to the original teeth, meaning patients must fork out for the expenses required to pay to rectify the damage to the original tooth and to remove of the crown.
  • Dental veneers – A procedure where a thin layer of porcelain is crafted to cover the front of teeth to improve appearance. If a dentist has removed too much enamel during the preparation it can cause discomfort and cause teeth to become sensitive. Infections can also occur if the dentist has fitted veneers that are too large.
  • Dentistry abroad – Many people are going abroad to receive cosmetic treatment as it may be cheaper for the patient to do so. The problem with this is when the patient returns home, they may notice problems with their treatment.

Claiming compensation for cosmetic dental negligence

We understand how expensive cosmetic treatment is and how upsetting it would be if it were to go wrong. Our team of expert solicitors can guide you through your cosmetic dental negligence claim and will help you recover your losses.

If you have experienced cosmetic dental negligence you can contact our medical negligence team on 0800 811 844.