Vibration White Finger Negligence Claims

Close up of vibration white finger sufferers hands

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Across the UK there are thousands of former miners suffering from Vibration White Finger (VWF).

Following a number of successful court judgements, including Proctor v Raleys Solicitors and Barnaby v Raleys Solicitors, it has been found that many of these sufferers could be due further financial compensation if their original solicitors were found to have been negligent in the handling of their case.

Recent court rulings concluded that the compensation some clients suffering from vibration white finger received did not include additional compensation for the assistance needed with household tasks, such as gardening, DIY, window cleaning, decorating, car washing and maintenance, due to the negligent handling of their claims by the law firms representing them at the time.

It is thought that claims against the original solicitors could total many thousands of pounds for each client who contracted vibration white finger and still suffers from the disorder.

Compensation for VWF negligence

Even though the original compensation scheme for miners with vibration white finger has ended we can still recover this extra money from your old solicitor for you, thanks to our thorough and dedicated approach that ensures that nothing is overlooked and that you receive the compensation and service you deserve.

We can help clients and, in cases where the claimant has sadly passed on, their families, to claim the remaining part of the compensation they are legally entitled to and should have received to start with.

Here at Mellor Hargreaves we have successfully represented many of these clients in obtaining additional compensation. If you feel you may have a claim, our expert team is ready and waiting to help. Call us on 0800 811 844