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Case Studies

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Mr J was exposed to dangerous, carcinogenic chemicals at his work in a dye factory, and contracted bladder cancer as a result. He was awarded £20,000.00. These damages were awarded on a provisional basis, so that if the cancer returns, he can come back to court for further compensation. He said, “I was satisfied with my damages; it is £20,000 more than I thought I would get”.


Mr K was exposed to excessive levels of noise at work, and suffered deafness as a result. He was awarded £8750. He said, “Wonderful”.


Mr P was also deafened by noise at work, and was awarded over £6000. He said, “you have done a brilliant job – very well done”.


Mr B was exposed to poisonous gas (benzedine dihydrochloride) at work, which made him ill. He was awarded £2450 for this. He said that we “dealt with the case as quickly as we could, did a professional job, and kept in touch regularly”.


Mrs L was injured when another car turned right across the path of her vehicle and she crashed into the side of it. She suffered severe whiplash and neck and back soft tissue injuries which took 2 years to recover from. With our help, she was awarded £5,500.


Mr M was injured when he slipped in the street and suffered a fractured shoulder. The injury resulted in permanent mobility problems and he had to change his career as a consequence. Mellor Hargreaves helped him win £45,000 compensation.


Miss S was involved in a road traffic accident when another driver turned right at traffic lights across the path of her car. She suffered whiplash and soft tissue injuries to her neck. The other driver tried to claim Miss S had driven through a red light. Mellor Hargreaves solicitors were able to disprove this claim and Miss S was awarded compensation of £4,500.


Mr P fell off a ladder at work after being supplied with inappropriate equipment for his job. He suffered fractures and multiple injuries and was unable to return to his job. Mellor Hargreaves helped him win £170,000 compensation.


Mr L was injured when another vehicle crashed into the rear of his car on the motorway. He sustained whiplash, soft tissue injuries to his neck and back and had to take time off work. Mellor Hargreaves negotiated £6,100 compensation for him.


Mrs K was an elderly lady who was injured when she tripped over a flagstone on the pavement. She suffered a fractured arm that resulted in permanent mobility problems. We secured £28,000 in damages, which included an amount for provision of care for her future.


Mr A was injured as a passenger in a road traffic accident when the car left the road and turned over. He was thrown from the car and suffered serious leg and hip injuries which will require medical treatment for the rest of his life. Mellor Hargreaves helped him win £190,000 in compensation.


Mr D was injured in an accident when an uninsured driver collided with the side of his car at traffic lights. He sustained a serious fracture to his leg and was unable to return to his previous employment. Mellor Hargreaves assisted him in recovering £650,000 in compensation.


Mr H was a passenger on a motorcycle and suffered serious multiple injuries. His legal expense insurer refused to cover his previous solicitor’s charges, so Mellor Hargreaves stepped in to help. After proving that the motorcycle driver was liable, we helped Mr H obtain £226,000 in damages.

  • Mr D Wilson

    I was injured in an accident when an uninsured driver collided with the side of my car at traffic lights. Mellor Hargreaves assisted me in recovering £650,000 in compensation.

    Mr D Wilson Claimant
  • Mrs S Oldham

    Mellor Hargreaves successfully represented me in an accident involving an injury to the pelvis and recovered £126k in damages.

    Mrs S Oldham Claimant
  • Miss W Allen

    Mellor Hargreaves assisted my insurers to recover the write off value of my car when the other driver denied the accident was her fault. In doing so my No Claims Bonus was secured.

    Miss W Allen Claimant